Sell your used heavy machinery.
Quick, safely and for the best price straight to the enduser.

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What we do

Sellma is quick, easy and best price. No middlemen, straight from yard to yard. You concentrate on your day-to-day business, we do the rest.

Made for sellers: Save time and get the best price

Made for sellers: Save time and get the best price

Sellma aims at contractors who want to sell their machinery quickly, easily and confidentially. Sellma gets the current value of your machinery and makes it available at the push of a button. Just so you can sell your machine for the best price available.

Made for buyers: Great range of pre-rated machinery.

Made for buyers: Great range of pre-rated machinery.

Sellma’s goals at dealers are always on the look-out for new items for their portfolio. Sellma offers the best fit of all kinds of pre-rated machinery and makes sure you get the right machine without investing. Optionally, Sellma offers support with domestic and international logistics and customs clearance.

What our customers say

We asked our customers about their experience with Sellma

"I work 12 hours per day in our (agricultural) cooperative and try out everything that saves me some time and effort - and therefore money. I was fed up with all the costly ads, unrealistic negotiations and the constant badmouthing of our machines. With Sellma, I just know that a vast number of reputable, reviewed dealers are bidding on my machinery. Thanks to the machine rating, I also finally have an estimate on the actual value of my machine on the market. Thank you! Christina."

Christina S.

Agricultural engineer

"We are on the road all over Germany and just don't have time to organise sales. A friend of mine recommended Sellma and I thought I'd just try it - no strings attached, right? I was delighted! The price was good, it went through quickly and the machine was picked up straight from our last construction site."

Bernd N.

Assembly services

"For me, it is important to concentrate on my core business. Being the largest contractor in the area means that my office is full of sales reps once I announce that I'm selling a machine. So, the used ones often went straight back to the licensed dealer - for a low price, no mistake. With Sellma, the sale is confidential, quick and with minimal effort for me. Will definitely do this again."

Rolf E.


"So far, used machinery would go straight to the contractor and I would not have any idea of its actual value. With Sellma, I can now estimate the value and sell for better prices. Besides, I stay anonymous until the end, which is really important to me. I can only highly recommend this service."

Jorgen K.


"I have always sold to the same used machinery dealer, because I just didn't have time for endless viewings, phone calls and price negotiations. Sellma took away that part. Also, our machines are used until the first snow; then I sell straight away. Who can research several dealers or advertise at such short notice? Sellma took care of it all. And I'm extremely happy with the price."

Frank M.


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